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image/svg+xml Photosynthesis the plant captures carbon

image/svg+xml Plant respiration plant loses some carbon

image/svg+xml Sequestration the carbon left in a plant

soil image from flickr.com/photos/soilscience/5104695555

image/svg+xml Soil carbon requires teamwork

pig image from flickr.com/photos/rcferdin/5098949419/

image/svg+xml Mixing the compost

cow image from flickr.com/photos/thegrid-ch/6254406131/

image/svg+xml Mowing the pasture

chicken image from flickr.com/photos/ciwf/3217378769/

image/svg+xml Pest Control

grass from flickr.com/photos/lyza/782203426/

image/svg+xml Plants feed microbes sugar Microbes feed plants nutrients

farm view from flickr.com/photos/lambertwm/6208714350/

image/svg+xml The end result 'Humus' carbon stored for thousands of years

cow image from flickr.com/photos/seebeew/3844212142/

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