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image/svg+xml The brain keeps growing

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image/svg+xml Exercise and...

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image/svg+xml good nutrition increases neuron production

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image/svg+xml Learning activates the new neurons -> Neurogenesis

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image/svg+xml The body rebuilds

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image/svg+xml "In order for the body to give birth to young baby cells, it needs building materials doesn't it. It has to build them out of something, out some brick and mortar so to speak. Where does the brick and mortar come from from the foods that you eat. So if you feed your body with second rate poor quality materials then that's what your body will be built from, from second rate poor quality materials. But if you feed yourself with high quality fresh materials. Then your body can play with something high quality, and it will build high quality joints and muscles and heart, lungs and liver and brain for you." Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride