'Namibia' credits

Music 'tom_luft_-_Open.mp3' by Tom Luft Mule

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1st image: Duna ou corpo de mulher ?
2nd image: Namibia
3rd image: Dead trees
4th image: The dark side of the moon
5th image: Deadlei - Namibia
6th image: Namibia desert dune
7th image: Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei
8th image: Namibia
9th image: Namibia
10th image: Namibia
11th image: Dot
12th image: Namibia. mazzaliarmadi.it wildlifen
13th image: Suricates, Namibia
14th image: Suricates, Namibia
15th image: Cheetahs in Namibia
16th image: Meercat in sunset, Namibia
17th image: Breakfast in the wild
18th image: The leopard

smilFile by Jose Ramirez 2012