Universal SMIL

Updated June 13, 2005

The Goal in SMIL 1.0 was to create a Universal SMIL file, that would play on any SMIL player.

SMIL 2.1's Goal is to create a universal set of building blocks that can be used for profiles ( SMIL 2.1 Language, Mobile, Extended Mobile, Basic ) plus integration into other languages ( XHTML, SVG ).

Universal SMIL 1.0 Document

SMIL 1.0 players, SMIL 2.0 players capable of SMIL 1.0

Helio's SOJA
Java player, SMIL 1.0
Ambulant 1.4
RealPlayer 10.5
SMIL 2.0 Rec.
QuickTime Player 6.5.2
SMIL 1.0

SMIL 1.0 Doc for SOJA

PRO- Fast renderer, works were Java works

CON- limited media file types support, earlier Sun Java VM's would repeat the audio for a split second

PRO- Free and Open source, highly conformant to W3C SMIL, multi OS support, great for debugging SMIL

CON- this version missing network support, region background-color is activated to soon

PRO- Free and Open source, multi OS support

CON- region background-color is activated to soon

PRO- fast renderer, many media file types supported

CON- plain text is white with black background, SMIL 1.0 files work better locally

Universal SMIL 2.0 Document

SMIL 2.0 players

Ambulant 1.4
RealPlayer 10.5
SMIL 2.0 Rec.

PRO- working on latest SMIL version SMIL 2.1 CR

CON- limited media file type support

PRO- most omnipresent SMIL 2 player, supports free media vorbis and theora ( xiph.org )

CON- no support for Flac audio, tiff images

HTML + SMIL Document

Microsoft IE 6.0
HTML+TIME Documentation

PRO- the adding SMIL behaviors to HTML elements has been well

CON- HTML + SMIL is a W3C note, only works on MS IE, no prefetching element

Download this page (923KB), play it locally, complete with source code, media and SOJA player.

When Timed Text is added to the mix, that will be a big boost to universality :)
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