Learning SMIL with a SMIL

The Parts of a SMIL Presentation/ Elements

     <root-layout height="140" width="210" background-color="#ffffff" title="Elements"/>
     <region id="text" width="210" height="140" top="0" left="0" z-index="2"/>
     <region id="textbox2" width="210" height="140" top="0" left="0" z-index="3" />

  To use this Java based SMIL Player you need the latest browsers from Netscape's or Microsoft's This is the sample code playing.

The black border is from the black
background in the html page.

   <text src="media/hi.txt" region="text" begin="1.00s" dur="3.00s" />
   <audio src="media/drum4.auz" begin="4.00s" dur="7.00s" system-bitrate="14000" />
     < img src="media/h.gif" region="textbox2" begin="4.00s" dur="0.75s" />
     < img src="media/e.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.24s" />
     < img src="media/l.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.86s" />
     < img src="media/lb.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.74s" />
     < img src="media/o.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.26s" />
     < img src="media/w.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.24s" />
     < img src="media/o.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.99s" />
     < img src="media/r.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.73s" />
     < img src="media/l.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.26s" />
     < img src="media/d.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.76s" />
     < img src="media/hello.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.76s" />
     < img src="media/world.gif" region="textbox2" dur="0.24s" />
     < text src="media/theend.txt" begin="2.00s" region="textbox2" />

Rendered with HELIO's SOJA Player.
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