Are Carbs the culprit?

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Text, 'Digestion breaks down carbs into sugars'
Dr. Mary Eades at 01:55
"...because starch is obviously just glucose molecules hooked into long chains, the GI track immediately breaks them apart actually starting with spit in your mouth."

Text, '50 grams of carbs = 10 tsp of sugar' 'Normal blood sugar 1 teaspoon'
Dr. Mike Eades at 01:06
"...because 50 grams of carb that's 10 teaspoons of sugar, that converts to 10 teaspoons of sugar. If you got a normal blood sugar that represents 1 teaspoon of sugar dissolved in your blood..."

Text, 'Insulin stores and burns some sugar as glycogen in the muscles and liver' and 'Insulin stores some sugar as fat and prevents the burning of fat"
at 25:00
(insulin) "it helps tell the liver to store as this compound called glycogen and it tells the liver to burn it also and the muscles cells to store it and burn it. And its working as hard as it can, kind of like bailing a boat you know which has a leak, to bring the blood sugar down and also sticks it in the fat cells where it help store calories as fat."

from: atkins-diet-password-protected-until-march-24th/comment-page-1/
Westman: "The insulin signal says store fat, to the liver, and make fat to the liver, then store fat in the fat cells, the adipose cells themselves, and it’s very difficult to burn your own fat, to lose fat weight, if your insulin signal is high, and the main reason for insulin going up is sugar and starch in the diet."

Text, 'Our Ancestors reduced the carb load by fermenting the carbs and ate high levels of foods rich in fat soluble vitamins'
at 20:00 in‘encore-week’-sally-fallon-episode-322/
(about carbs) "Well they certainly are not necessary for human health. They are very nice for variety and taste in the diet and if we look at what Dr. Price found and people think, some people are saying well Dr. Price is all about low carb diets. And that is actually not correct many of the diets that he looked at were very high in carbs. What was found in all these diets is very high levels of the fat soluble vitamins."

at 23:35 "I know that the sourdough which is a fermentation makes bread digestible for people with Celiac we have had studies on this. I think it makes the bread less stressful, we don't get the big glycemic problem"

"Our ancestors, and virtually all pre-industrialized peoples, soaked or fermented their grains before making them into porridge, breads, cakes and casseroles."

Quote, 'There's some people who can handle more sugar and starch than other people.' 'You have to figure out how your own body works.' from:
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